Who We Are

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a group of concerned organizations decided to launch a year-long series of events to support the message set by the United Nations of “Dignity and Justice for all of us”.

This initiative is supported by the following organization: European Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance; Protestant Liberal Church of Bruxelles; Media Watch; European Human Rights Office – Church of Scientology International; Youth for Human Rights International; Legal Aid Worldwide. Others are joining.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

In the wake of the WWII, in 1945 was created the United Nations by the five major nations, joined rapidly by 47 other countries to reach now 191 nations. The purpose was to unite the people of the world to avoid such destructive conflicts as WWI and WWII.

The 10th December 1948, initiated by Eleanor Roosevelt, was signed an important declaration designed to protect the future of humanity: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It laid out the rights anybody of the world must be entitled with as well the duty he has regarding others to bring peace and tolerance amongst the people.